Associations demand an investigation into French officials allowing the perpetrators of the Tutsi massacres to flee in 1994


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The associations and survivors of the genocide in Rwanda submitted a letter to the French judiciary demanding that the instructions issued by France in 1994 not to question the authorities responsible for the Tutsi massacres be investigated. These groups accused French officials at the time of allowing the perpetrators of the massacres to flee.

Associations and Survivors asked for The Rwanda Genocide In a letter seen by the French News Agency on Tuesday, the French judiciary is required to investigate the instructions issued by France in 1994 not to question the authorities responsible for the Tutsi massacres.

The lawyers of Survi (Survivor), the International Federation for Human Rights and six survivors sent a letter in this direction to the judges responsible for investigating the potential responsibilities of the humanitarian military operation “Turquoise” during the massacres that took place in Bicisero at the end of June 1994.

According to a recently revealed diplomatic cable, these judges are demanding the reopening and expansion of their investigations, especially by listening to Alain Juppe, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time and his advisor at the time, Bernard Emier, the current head of the General Administration of External Security.

It is noteworthy that this “secret diplomatic” telegram, sent on July 15, 1994 and signed by Emié, asks the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Operation Turquoise to inform those responsible for the genocide through “indirect channels” of their “desire to leave the safe humanitarian zone” that was Controlled by the French army.

And she adds, “You must point out that the international community, especially the United Nations, will very soon determine the behavior to be followed with regard to the so-called authorities.”

The researcher Francois Graner Albath at the “Survey” organization found this cable, which was revealed by the site “ميديابارتIn the archive of the President’s Adviser, Francois Mitterrand.

It was addressed to Ambassador Yannick Girard in response to his request regarding the fate of these authorities whose members were proposed to be arrested or placed under house arrest.

The lawyers request that Hubert Hubert Vedrine, Secretary General of the Elysee Palace at the time also be heard.

Lawyers Eric Plouvier, Olivier Fox, Laurie Heinich, Karen Borde, Patrick Baudouin and Michel Tubiana said that this cable “is undoubtedly a new element” that could allow the investigation to be re-launched, “especially as it highlights the actual support by the French higher authorities for Rwandan officials.”

Those civil prosecutors accusing Operation Turquoise of deliberately abandoning hundreds of Tutsi in the Bicisero Hills to the perpetrators of the genocide between 27 and 30 June 1994 have been seeking for three years to resume investigations.

The investigations were closed without trials in the summer of 2018, which paved the way for the case to be dropped without any announcement.

According to the United Nations, about 800,000 people, most of them from the Tutsi minority, were killed during three months in Rwanda, during massacres that began after an attack on President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane on April 6, 1994.

France 24 / AFP

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