Families of victims of a jihadist attack committed by a Saudi lieutenant at a Florida military base are suing Riyadh


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The families of the victims of a jihadist attack committed by a Saudi lieutenant in 2019 at the US naval base in Pensacola, Florida, USA, were responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia. Lawyers for the families said that Saudi Arabia was aware of Muhammad al-Shamrani’s extremism and “his anti-Americanism,” as he expressed it publicly on a Twitter account. The families of the victims also stated in a statement that Al-Shamrani regularly promoted a “radical fundamentalist ideology” on social media. The families filed a lawsuit against the kingdom because of its assumed responsibility for this jihadist attack, which killed three people and wounded eight others.

Families of victims who were killed in 2019 by a lieutenant’s bullets filed Saudi At a military base in Florida, USA, a lawsuit has been filed against the kingdom over its alleged responsibility for the jihadist attack, attorneys for the plaintiffs announced Monday. The attorneys clarified that their clients consider that it is not possible to The kingdom She did not know that Lieutenant Muhammad Al Shamrani was an extremist.

On December 6, the 21-year-old trained officer fired a pistol at US military personnel during a semester at the US Naval Base in Pensacola, killing three people and wounding eight others before he was shot dead by police.

The lawyers said in a statement that Al-Shamrani “was supposed to undergo a comprehensive investigation when he joined the Saudi Royal Air Force, and at that time, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was aware of his extremism and his anti-Americanism, feelings that were publicly expressed on an account in his name on Twitter.”

The statement added that after joining the army in 2015, Al-Shamrani regularly promoted on social media a “radical fundamentalist ideology.”

The statement pointed out that this account was being watched by Saudi citizens, members of the government, and members of the air force, and that they “read and commented on the extremist messages” that this soldier posted.

In their statement, the lawyers stressed that this officer, despite his letters, was chosen from among hundreds of Military Academy students to obtain a scholarship to participate in a training course in the United States, and his candidacy was “sent to the chain of command” at the Saudi Ministry of Defense.

The lawyers also considered that King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, “refused to fulfill their promise” to the families of the victims after then-President Donald Trump reassured these families that they would “take care” of them.

The Kingdom, a close ally of Washington, was quick to distance itself from Al-Shamrani, affirming its condemnation of the “heinous crime” he committed.

However, the FBI concluded that the Saudi military had become radicalized since at least 2015 and that his attack was “the result of years of planning and preparation.”

The attack was claimed by the “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” organization, which remained in contact with Al-Shamrani on the eve of the attack.

According to some experts, that attack was the first to be carried out closely with Al-Qaeda on American soil since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Following the attack, the United States expelled from its territory 21 trained Saudi soldiers after an investigation revealed that they had posted “offensive content” or “jihadist or anti-American content on social media networks,” or were found in their possession of pornographic materials that included the sexual exploitation of children.

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