A picture of the Egyptian actress Mai Omar from 11 years provokes an interaction, and this is what her husband commented on

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian director, Mohamed Sami, published a picture of his wife, the Egyptian actress, Mai Omar, 11 years ago, shedding light on the support, support and fortunes he had.

The photo was published by the Egyptian director on his official page on the Instagram site with a comment in which he said: “This is a picture of Me and Me 11 years ago. We were thinking about our dreams and our future and we wanted many needs. Some and we help some of the time to realize our dreams .. “

The image received nearly 47,000 interactions between likes and comments less than 24 hours after it was published.

He continued, saying: “I think that it is difficult for me to succeed in my work without the support and support of May Lia all the time. This support is a lot of strong needs. I need a million posts to write all of it, and today I and she celebrate her success, which I tired and worked for a lot and passed through with difficulty between Her house, which I leave, is a paradise for me and my daughters, among her family, her life and her job, and in the end I have succeeded a great success in which every lover rejoices and arouses jealousy and hatred of haters. Najah and Arifa achieved her success despite her duty towards her family.

Actress Mai Omar had topped the Google search engine, one of the most important topics being searched for early February, after a rape scene in the series “Pearl” by “Buda”, played by artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, on ON Channel.

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